About Al-Ihsan Foundation

Who We are

Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited (formed in 2014) is a non-profit public relief organisation dedicated to assisting all people and families in need. The Arabic word Al-Ihsan means “perfection” or “excellence.” Perfecting our deeds and behaviours is a matter of inner faith born of religious teachings, and it is one of our organization’s distinguishing pillars that hold us up and brings us together.

We aspire to be the best in the business when it comes to providing aid and assistance to people, and we do it through a variety of services and programmes. We provide the following:

• International assistance to poor and famine-affected areas
• People with disabilities, the elderly, and children receive international care
• Services for women experiencing domestic violence
• International community visits to the sick, people with disabilities, the elderly, and children
• International aid for the homeless (blankets, clothes, and food drives) and the youth (establishing and sponsoring youth centres)
• Awareness programmes through community events
• International emergency relief to individuals and families struggling to cope

Our Vision & Mission

All of the people associated with Al-Ihsan Foundation International have always prioritised humanitarian aid. Our people came together because they had common goals and desires. With the goal of being properly recognised as a non-profit humanitarian relief organisation, and with the drive and persistence to reach and support those who are in need on an international and national level.

Al-Ihsan Foundation was founded with the vision of providing humanitarian relief to all individuals and families in need of care and assistance. Our goal is to travel far and wide to reach and aid those even in the most remote regions on earth, in order to eventually rid the world of poverty and despair.

Mission Statement

Al-Ihsan Foundation knows the importance of immediate access to food, medical aid, and emergency shelters during times of natural disasters, poverty, and other emergency situations. We thus strive to provide rapid mobilisation and action with the mission to establish and maintain a (global) society that serves and empowers all those in need. We endeavour to fulfil and complete our services through regular contact and visits.

The Al-Ihsan Foundation intends to continue assisting and serving communities until our help and services are no longer required.

Please check our terms & conditions and privacy policy.

Objectives & Strategies

Al-Ihsan Foundation’s objectives revolve around maintaining and operating a permanent and active not-for-profit benevolent public relief organisation. Our defining principles are:

  • To provide local and international aid
  • To serve those in need regardless of race, religion, social background, age, health, or political views.
  • To provide charity and any form of help that alleviates suffering or deprivation, and promotes human dignity and personal integrity in all their dimensions
  • To work with and assist people in need whilst respecting their dignity, sharing our hope, and encouraging them to take control of their own future.
  • To promote informed discussion on the plight of those in need and to advocate improved services and facilities for them; and
  • Respond to the needs of those in the community who are unfortunate or helpless and need general assistance.
  • To respond to humanitarian emergencies rapidly and provide aid and care to those who need it.
  • To build and maintain orphanages and orphan programs throughout the world.
  • Build and maintain community and youth programs
  • To build and maintain special needs programs and facilities.
  • To relieve sickness, suffering, or distress especially for the casualties of war.
  • To build and maintain educational facilities and programs.
  • To empower communities through education and self-sustainability programs.