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27 December 2016

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Aid Inside Syria

The Syrian people inside and outside of Syria need help in all aspects of life. The most basic necessities, what we often take for granted, they struggle to attain. It’s not ONLY a matter of providing them with food and water. These people need shelter, they need warmth, they need comfort, they need medical attention, they need counselling and much, much more.

Al-Ihsan Foundation strives to provide and assist these people with whatever aid they require. In December 2016, Al-Ihsan Foundation travelled to Turkey to assist the refugees, widows, and orphans there. The aid that we provided the needy people inside Syria and Turkey consisted of food packs, clothing, personal hygiene products, and we also covered accommodation costs and the living expenses of many families as well as entire orphanages. January

Al-Ihsan Foundation also sent four truckloads of aid into Syria. The aid consisted of food and winter clothing such as gloves, jumpers, beanies, and socks for the coming winter.

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