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08 October 2016

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Orphanage in Malaysia

Orphanage in Malaysia

We visited an all-girls orphanage in Kuantan a district in Pahang and interviewed some orphans and the caretaker. The Orphanage has a combination of orphans and children from poor families who cannot look after them.

The orphanage itself was in acceptable condition. They do require immediate assistance with school stationery and other school expenses with some outgoing expenses. The orphanage receives support from the community and donations are generous. However, the orphanage would like to establish some way where it can support itself and where its continuation doesn’t rely on donors.

AL-Ihsan foundation intends on helping them become self-sustainable. We will be funding the conversion of part of the orphanage, into a café/restaurant. Thereby the orphanage will become self-sufficient and would not have to rely on external payments to keep running.

To donate towards the Al-Ihsan orphans, visit our orphan appeal page.