All Seasons Clothing Campaign For Needy

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Another new campaign initiated by Al-Ihsan Foundation is the all seasons clothing campaign. This is an ongoing campaign that will see thousands of orphaned and needy Syrian children provided with warm winter outfits (in the winter) and cool summer outfits (in summer).

The winter outfits consist of 5 pieces:
• Warm winter pyjama pants
• Warm winter pyjama jumper
• Warm winter tracksuit pants
• Warm winter tracksuit jumper (with hoody)
• Thick winter jacket (with hoody).

The cost to tailor each set (5 pieces a set) is just $12 AUD. Sets will be gender specific (that is one is designed for the boys and another for the girls). They also come in various sizes.

Already 800 sets have been made and distributed to the refugee children inside Syria and Turkey. May Allah bless and reward all who supported this worthy cause.

This will be an ongoing campaign as clothing will be continuously needed.

To donate towards the all seasons clothing campaign, please donate to the clothes appeal donation page.


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