Ambulance for the Poor in Indonesia

During one of our previous visits to Indonesia, we met with the imam of Masjid Aliyah in Karawang City. He was very concerned for his community especially for the poor and sick who couldn’t afford access to transport and health facilities and were thus forced to suffer in silence when they otherwise could have been treated or cured.

The poor in Indonesia are living in horrific conditions. Not only are their homes unsafe and unfit to be lived in, but they live in atrociously unhygienic circumstances. Some suffer from preventable and curable diseases- all it takes is to ensure their environments are hygienic. However, some do not even know that lack of hygiene is the cause of many of their illnesses. This is when the Al-Ihsan foundation stepped in.

The people at Al-Ihsan foundation decided to purchase an ambulance for the poor and needy who could not afford to be transported from home to hospital and back. This ambulance is not only used to deliver patients but also to deliver much-needed cleaning products and education on basic Islamic hygiene principles and practices as well as Islamic education in general.

On Friday 30th September Al-Ihsan foundation purchased and registered their first very own ambulance in Indonesia. The very next day the vehicle was on the road transporting patients, distributing cleaning products, and delivering Islamic hygiene education. A professional driver and experienced medicare on call from morning till 2 am. God bless all those who supported this project!

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