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28 September 2016

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Autistic School in Indonesia

Autistic School in Indonesia

Back in 2015, we were told about an Autistic school located in an area called Perumahan Karaba Indah. We visited this school and found that the children were very much neglected by the community and some unfortunately by their own parents and family.

The school itself is very small and overly crowded. In the rainy season, the school and the entire area it is situated in is flooded for at least two weeks a year. On top of that, the school was lacking in appropriate funding and was finding it hard to provide and maintain the appropriate support and care that the children needed.

Al-Ihsan foundation decided then to step in and help. We provided the school with enough funds to keep it comfortably in operation for an entire year. We provided them with payments to cover all their expenses including rent, food, and all outgoing payments.

On 30 September 2016, we revisited this school. We were very happy with the hard work and sincerity of the teachers. The autistic children were very well taken care of. The teachers taught the children some Quran (which they later recited to us). The children were also encouraged to go outdoors and participate in activities such as planting seeds in pots, watering them and watching them grow.

The team at Al-Ihsan were touched by the teachers’ sincerity and care they had shown towards these autistic children, that we renewed our support and funding for another year.

Future endeavours:

Al-Ihsan foundation is looking into purchasing/renting two separate premises for the school with better facilities and living conditions, segregating the males from the females.

We are also looking into establishing a small business where staff and students can work and generate enough money (In’Sha’Allah), to keep the school self-sufficient and running.

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