Al-Ihsan Foundation is always pleased to take on new volunteers to help us reach the goals we have set and achieve all the wonderful things we want to achieve. Our volunteers are a crucial part of the organisation. We value and appreciate all the work they do and the time they set aside for us.

At Al-Ihsan Foundation, our volunteers are trained and equipped with all the necessary skills and equipment they need to undertake tasks. When you volunteer with us, you will gain new skills and experiences which will also increase your employability.

The Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering does not only benefit the poor and needy, it also has an impact on communities and the nation as a whole. It increases social cohesion and improves the state of the economy.

Studies have found that volunteering also benefits the volunteers themselves. Through volunteering and being part of a noble cause, volunteers develop a connection with those less fortunate than they are; they acquire a sense of pride, gratitude and contentment that stems from helping the less fortunate. Volunteering can also increase self-esteem and decrease stress levels.

Register your interest and become a volunteer with Al-Ihsan Foundation today.