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Bread Donations for the refugees

bread donations for Syria Bread Donations for Syria

Al-Ihsan Foundation bread distribution is assisting the refugees in Turkey who have experienced the worst food shortage since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The refugees in Turkey who are predominately Syrians has been facing an unprecedented hunger crisis with over 9.3 million people lacking adequate food while the country’s coronavirus outbreak has been severe. According to the World Food Programme (WFP), the number of people short of essential food items had risen by 1.4 million in the past six months.

The refugee’s main source of food staple is bread and they are in dire need. People are rationing meals and if the economic situation continues to suffer, imported goods will be too difficult to obtain hence affecting the poor and the needy. The shortage of food comes as the Coronavirus impact began in late March, added with the wheat production being less than half the amount harvested before the outbreak. In addition, the impact is compounded with the majority of refugees living below the poverty line due to the economic crisis.

Bread donations for Syria bread donations for Syria

Bread has always been an essential food item and is the main food consumed. It is one of the most essential dietary needs and the main source of carbohydrates and protein consumed with every meal. With bread prices doubling and most refugees unable to work, bread seems impossible to obtain.

According to the U.N, the situation will have an impact on approximately 8 million people out of the total population of 19 million, who are without reliable access to food, and 500,000 children who are extremely malnourished. Donate to Al-Ihsan Foundation bread distributions and make a difference today.


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