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Bread Donations for Syria

bread donations for Syria Bread Donations for Syria

Al-Ihsan Foundation is collecting for bread donations for Syria. Syria is facing the worst bread shortages since the outbreak of its decade long war. They are in dire need of bread donations for Syria. People are now cutting out meals and if the currency continues to suffer then imported goods will be too difficult to obtain. 

This will have the most impact upon the nearly 8 million people out of a population of 19 million, who are without reliable access to food, and 500,000 children that are extremely malnourished according to the U.N.

Idlib is currently home to about 4 million civilians, including hundreds of thousands displaced in recent years throughout war-torn Syria. Around 1 million Syrians were displaced from Idlib last November and most of the refugees sought shelter at camps close to the border with Turkey. Bread donations for Syria is a necessity to the people inside Syria. 

Bread donations for Syria bread donations for Syria

The shortage comes as Syria’s wheat harvesting began in late May, and the wheat production last year amounted to less than half of the amount that was harvested before the war. The majority of Syrians live below the poverty line due to the economic crises that resulted from the civil war.

Bread has always been at the heart of Syrian cuisine and has a significant cultural impact. It is one of the most essential dietary needs and the main source of carbohydrates and protein and is eaten with all meals. With bread prices doubling and most refugees unable to work or displaced, bread seems like an impossible luxury. Donate to Al-Ihsan Foundation for the bread donations for Syria project.


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