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Zakat Al-Fitr Distribution Update 2020

Zakat Al-Fitr DistributionsZakat Al-Fitr DistributionsZakat Al-Fitr Distributions

Your Zakat Fitr has been purchased, packed, and is distributed in Turkey, Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Lebanon.
Here is a video of what impact your Zakat is providing to people in need during the ongoing crisis in Lebanon.
Alhamdulilah with your generous donations we are helping the disadvantaged communities who are most in need.

Qurban Distributions Lebanon 2020

Qurban LebanonQurban LebanonQurban Lebanon

Alhamdulilah by the will of Allah distribution for Al-Ihsan Foundation’s Qurban Project has commenced in Lebanon. Distribution will continue throughout the next few days in shaa Allah.
Each recipient will receive rice to go with their Qurban as a result of the delay in shipping which was out of the organisations control.

Lebanon Emergency Appeal August Update

Lebanon Emergency AppealLebanon Emergency Appeal

Al-Ihsan Foundation team is on the ground providing vital emergency assistance in Beirut, Lebanon.

Once patients have been discharged from the hospital, there is limited to no follow-up, and readmission to the hospital involves fees.
Al-Ihsan Foundation team on the ground in Beirut are equipping medical staff with 6 ambulance vehicles to provide follow-up care to the injured and wounded.

Qurban Distribution 2020

Qurban DistributionQurban DistributionQurban Distribution

Al-Ihsan Foundation distributed fresh Qurban to communities and countries of most need. Qurban sacrifice occurred on the days of Eid across different countries including Somalia, Sri Lanka, India, Lebanon, Pakistan, Niger, and Ethiopia as well as the Rohingya refugees displaced in Bangladesh.

Lebanon’s collapsing currency has doubled the price of meat making it seem out of reach to the Lebanese community. The Qurban meat for Lebanon was sacrificed in Australia and the meat frozen and shipped in a container to Lebanon.

The sacrifice is now underway and is expected to arrive by the end of October.

Eid Al-Fitr Gift Distributions 2020

Eid GiftEid Gifts

Alhamdulillah through the generosity of our donors, Al-Ihsan Foundation was able to provide refugee children with Eid gifts.
We ask Allah to provide happiness to your lives the way you provided happiness to theirs.