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Rohingya Refugee Relief Update

Al-Ihsan Foundation partnered with Small Kindness in Bangladesh to provide relief to some of the 436,000 Rohingya refugees from Burma. From 1st October Dry food packs were distributed in the Zamtola Camp and Thainkhali Camp. Al-Ihsan Foundation provided 5400 families (37,800 receipients) with dry food packs which consisted on 10 Kg rice, 2 Kg Dal, 3 Kg potato, 2 Kg onion, 1 Ltr Oil, 1 Kg salt and 100 gm chilli power packets.

Al-Ihsan Foundation is also providing wells for the refugees to provide drinking water and bathing water for the Rohingya Refugees.

East Africa Appeal

The drought situation in Somalia has reached a devastating point. With a whopping 6.2 million people affected by famine. Of which, 363,000 suffering are malnourished children under the age of five and 71,000 of those children are severely malnourished. The call for international intervention was made for the following critical requirements: Food packages, Drinking water and Medical convoys.

The Somalian cry for international aid and support was heard by Al-Ihsan Foundation and by the will of Allah it was instantly answered.
In May 2017 the team at Al-Ihsan Foundation embarked on a trip to poverty stricken and drought afflicted Somalia.

Special Needs School in Indonedia

On 26 March 2017 Al-Ihsan Foundation travelled to Indonesia to sponsor and support a number of orphanages and special needs schools.

AMANDA is a special needs school based in Indonesia. The school, which has 26 special needs students, approached Al-Ihsan Foundation for financial assistance to help keep the school running in 2017. Al-Ihsan Foundation has since been sponsoring the school and its students for the past 7 months. Sponsorship is ongoing In’Sha’Allah.

While in Indonesia, the team at Al-Ihsan Foundation also visited some orphanages that were struggling to support the orphans and maintain the orphanage.

All Seasons Clothing Campaign

Another new campaign initiated by Al-Ihsan Foundation is the all seasons clothing campaign. This is an ongoing campaign that will see thousands of orphaned and needy Syrian children provided with warm winter outfits (in the winter) and cool summer outfits (in summer).

The winter outfits consist of 5 pieces:
• Warm winter pyjama pants
• Warm winter pyjama jumper
• Warm winter tracksuit pants
• Warm winter tracksuit jumper (with hoody)
• Thick winter jacket (with hoody).

The cost to tailor each set (5 pieces a set) is just $12 AUD.

Aleppo Rice Distribution


Al-Ihsan Foundation sent a truck of aid inside Syria to the orphans, widows and needy civilians of Aleppo.  An entire truck was filled with only 25 kg bags of rice and 25 kg bags of cracked wheat. The truck was sent into Syria and the items were distributed to the people of Aleppo.