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Lebanon Winter Appeal

Lebanon Winter Appeal 18 LeftLebanon Winter Appeal 18 CentreLebanon Winter Appeal 18 Right

Al-Ihsan Foundation provided bread and distributed them to 150 families. 11.3 tonnes of heating fuel was provided as well as 25000kg of wood for fire to keep warm and 14000kg coal was provided for heating purposes. Warm clothing was also provided to 2000 orphans.

Ethiopia Update

ethiopia rightethiopia leftEthiopia centre

Al-Ihsan Foundation travelled to Ethiopia in September 2018 to conduct and finalise its registration with the Ethiopian government. Once the registration is finalised, Al-Ihsan Foundation will be one of the first Australian organisation to be officially registered in Ethiopia and it’s first based African country the organisation will work from.  Ethiopia is one of the world’s poorest countries, with a population of more than 100 million people and with about 44 percent of its populations living in poverty.

During its visit to Ethiopia, Al-Ihsan Foundation visited a refugee/displacement camp in Regional Ethiopia and provided Emergency Food aid and assistance to 900 families living in severe poverty.

Indonesian Tsunami Palu Visit

Palu Aid Indonesia - CenterPalu Aid Indonesia - LeftPalu Aid Indonesia - Right

The team from Al-Ihsan Foundation provided relief in the area of Palu along the coastline in Indonesia. The Coastal line showed to have more damage caused by the tsunami than the earthquake. However the more inland you travel you find more damage was caused by the earthquake.  There are streets of the main areas of the CBD that have been completely demolished by the earthquake, these buildings indicate the only way to resolve is to demolish the existing infrastructure and rebuild. Some neighborhoods have been so damaged by the earthquake that are now inaccessible due to the roads and surrounding area being either swallowed toppled upon. 

Ramadan Food Packs Bangledesh

Bangladesh Ramadan Food Packs LeftBangladesh Ramadan Food Packs LeftBangladesh Ramadan Food Packs Center

Al-Ihsan Foundation in partnership with Small Kindness in Bangladesh distributed over 1000 food packs to the poor Bangladesh people and the Rohingya refugees. We thank all the sponsors who donated towards this cause.

Ramadan Food Packs Lebanon

 Lebanese Ramadan Food Packs LeftLebanese Ramadan Food Packs CenterLebanese Ramadan Food Packs Right

Al-Ihsan Foundation provided Food Packs for the month of Ramadan to the Lebanese, Palestinian’s and Syrian’s living in Lebanon. 1600 Packs were distributed to various places in Lebanon.

Rohingya Refugee Shelter Update

 rohingya refugee shelter Leftrohingya refugee shelter centerrohingya refugee shelter right

Al-Ihsan Foundation in partnership with Small Kindness in Bangladesh constructed a total of 514 shelters for the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh in the Cox’s Bazar Area.  We thank all those who donated towards this project.

Al-Ghouta Feed the Needy Update

ghouta april centerghouta april leftghouta april right

Al-Ihsan Foundation provided the people inside Al-Ghouta 22,500 sandwiches over a 15 day period. We also provided those who fled Al-Ghouta with a month worth of food supplies. We thank all those who donated to this project. 

Orphanage March 18 Update

Orphanage Rightorphanage hallwayOrphanage Left

 Al-Ihsan Foundation Orphanage is currently in it’s final stage of completion. Take a tour with Abu Ahmad through the orphanage in his latest video.

Ghouta Food Appeal Update

ghouta bread centerbread ghouta leftbread ghouta right

Alhumdullilah, Al-Ihsan Foundation have supplied 1300-1500 sandwiches daily and were prepared for distribution to civilians without food in East Al-Ghouta. Sandwiches were produced at night and distributed in the early morning. East Ghouta is under heavy intense bombing and access to food is limited. We thank everyone who donated.