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Malaysia Orphanage

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Al-Ihsan Foundation has established an orphanage in Malaysia to cater for children who are in need of fulltime housing and care. Children in orphanages are given a safe environment in which to grow, given somewhere to sleep as well as regular food and schooling. Most important though, is that children in orphanages are given a stable lifestyle to reach their full potential.

Al-Ihsan Foundation is devoted to the care of orphans and other children who were separated from their biological families. Examples of what would cause a child to be placed in an orphanage is when the biological parents pass away,

Qurban Eid Al-Adha Distributions

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Qurban sales reached 3243 with the number of beneficiaries reaching 471,550 in nine different countries including Lebanon, Bangladesh, India, Somalia, and Ethiopia, Pakistan, Niger as well as the Rohingya refugees and the Syrian refugees. Qurban has steadily increased every year with 2019 increasing 296,550 recipients since 2018.

Students with Special Needs School

Amanda Disabled Islamic School LeftAmanda Disabled Islamic School CentreAmanda Disabled Islamic School Right

Special needs schools support students with an intellectual disability, mental health disorder or physical disability as well as students with learning difficulties or behaviour disorders.

These schools make important contributions to addressing educational disadvantages by catering for students with severe social, emotional and behavioural issues. Special needs schools generally serve young people who are emotionally detached from education and whose needs are not met by mainstream education curriculums.

Al-Ihsan Foundation helps look after the needs and care of children with special needs in Indonesia. They are educated on social improvement and integration as well as taking part in character building exercises to help raise their confidence so they do not feel isolated.

New Zealand Sadaqah Project

sadaqah jaariah bedsSadaqah-jaariah childrensadaqah jarriah couches

On Friday the 15th of March, a heart wrenching crime was committed. An attack took place at Linwood Islamic centre and Al-Noor mosque in New Zealand. 51 people were killed and 49 were injured and it was described as one of New Zealand’s darkest days.

Al-Ihsan Foundation established a sadaqah jaariyah which is a continuously rewarding charity for the victims of the Christchurch attack.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, when a person dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things:

1. Sadaqah Jaariyah or ongoing charity.

Eid Clothes and Gifts

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During the Islamic celebration of Eid, Al-Ihsan Foundation helped 1000 kids in Syria receive clothing and toys for Eid to celebrate happily as well as 82 children in the orphanage in Turkey and 19 widows were also provided with new clothes.

Ramadan Food Pack Distributions

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For Ramadan, food packs were provided to a number of countries. In Lebanon, 10,000 beneficiaries received food packs and they included Lebanese poor and needy, Syrian refuges and Palestinians also suffering from poverty.

In Indonesia 1000 families received food packs for Ramadan as well as 413 families in Malaysia. 900 families in Ethiopia received food packs and in Syria, 10,000 beneficiaries were able to enjoy meals throughout the whole month.

On average a total of 473,577 servings were provided throughout Ramadan. A total of 53,277 servings in Malaysia, 58,500 servings in Indonesia,

Lebanon Winter Appeal

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The Al-Ihsan Foundation team travelled to Lebanon to help keep the refugees warm in the harsh winter season. Al-Ihsan Foundation provided clothing to 1080 children to keep them warm in the cold climate.
The winter outfits consist of 5 pieces:
• Warm winter pyjama pants
• Warm winter pyjama jumper
• Warm winter tracksuit pants
• Warm winter tracksuit jumper (with hoody)
• Thick winter jacket (with hoody).
Alihsan Foundation also provided medical needs to Imad and Ma’moon such as gauze swabs, sterile bags, Foley catheters, sodium chloride,

Eye Project

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A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye which leads to a decrease in vision. Cataracts block light, making it difficult to see clearly. Over an extended period of time, cataracts can cause blindness. The cataract eye surgery project in Ethiopia was performed on 1263 people.