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Food Packs for Orphans in Indonesia


Feeding the Orphans

Food packs were delivered to two orphanages in a village called Darawolong. A total of 70 food packs were donated to these orphanages who together house 100 orphans. Following this, we delivered an additional 25 food packs to an orphanage with 60 orphans in a village called Cengkong. The final village we visited was Jahar Warung Bambu where 46 food packs were delivered to 50 orphans. In sum, a total of 288 hungry orphans have been fed. May Allah bless all our efforts and reward our generous supporters.

Ambulance for the Poor in Indonesia


During one of our previous visits to Indonesia, we met with the imam of Masjid Aliyah in Karawang City. He was very concerned for his community especially for the poor and sick who couldn’t afford access to transport and health facilities, and were thus forced to suffer in silence when they otherwise could have been treated or cured.

The poor in Indonesia are living in horrific conditions. Not only are their homes unsafe and unfit to be lived in, but they live in atrociously unhygienic circumstances. Some suffer from preventable and curable diseases- all it takes is to ensure their environments are hygienic.

Autistic School in Indonesia


Back in 2015 we were told about an Autistic school located in an area called Perumahan Karaba Indah. We visited this school and found that the children were very much neglected by the community and some unfortunately by their own parents and family.

The school itself is very small and overly crowded. In the rainy season, the school and the entire area it is situated in, is flooded for at least two weeks a year. On top of that, the school was lacking in appropriate funding and was finding it hard to provide and maintain the appropriate support and care that the children needed.

Cleaning up the streets of Mekarjaya Indonesia


There is a village in Indonesia (we visited) that is home to 600 families. A place where prostitution had gone rampage. An occupation passed down from generation to generation. Mothers teaching daughters, sisters sharing clients, husbands too poor and desperate to object and teary-eyed fathers looking on.

This village is overwhelmed with desperation and poverty. The prostitutes would work for as little as $5 per client with up to 15 clients a day. The pimp would take 40% of the prostitute’s income. Too desperate to complain, the women were left with very little.

Indonesia Trip 2016


Al-Ihsan foundation Indonesia branch

One of the first things we did when we arrived at Indonesia was establish Al-Ihsan Foundation Indonesia branch. With the blessings and will of Allah, Al-Ihsan foundation is becoming internationally recognized for its relief efforts and humanitarian support.

The “Yayasan Amal Al Ihsan Indonesia” (our Al-Ihsan foundation branch in Indonesia) was officially established on 27th September 2016.

Orphanage and Orphan Sponsor Project Indonesia


Batu Koneng Orphanage

Shortly after arriving at Indonesia, we were told of an orphanage in need of financial support. We visited this orphanage which housed 35 orphans and 4 caretakers, located in Batu Koneng.

The condition of the orphanage is hardly acceptable. The orphanage is too small to adequately house 39 people. The boys and girls are mixed into one area and share facilities.

Further, the orphanage is in need of a water well, water pump and power generator. The orphans and care takers have no access to clean water and therefore are using polluted water that runs through a poorly established filtration system.

Orphanage and Syrian Orphan Sponsor Project


Our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was an orphan and encouraged us to look after orphans.

The Prophet Muhammed ﷺ said: “The best house among Muslims is the one in which an orphan is treated well. The worst house among the Muslims is the one in which an orphan is mistreated. The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be in Paradise like this”, and he held his two fingers together.

Reported by Abu Huraira (Bukhari)

All praise and thanks belong to Allah and the generous donations of the public.

Feeding the Fasting in Syria


The Feed the Fasting project was undertaken in the blessed month of Ramadan 2016.

Alhamdulillah, the team at Al-Ihsan were able to feed many Syrian widows and orphans inside Syria.

With the help of some volunteers, a kitchen located in the outskirts of Damascus, worked tirelessly to keep up with the cooking and packing on a daily basis.

When portions were ready, they were either picked up by the locals or delivered to neighbouring villages (as indicated in the pictures above).

The Prophet ﷺ said: 

Whoever gives food to a fasting person to break his fast,

Feed the Fasting Refugees in Turkey


While we were in Turkey sending goods into Syria, we came across many refugees there who couldn’t afford to have an efficient meal to help their energy levels up in Ramadan. So the team provided them all with a wonderful iftar in front of the local council (indicated above).

Indonesia “Feed 100K” Appeal


In the blessed month of Ramadan 2016, Project “Feed 100K” in Indonesia was a great success, with the will of Allah and the help and support of our volunteers and supporters, we were able to reach many of the poor, the needy, the orphans and the elderly.

We were able to feed 1000 orphans and approximately 4,500 who were poor and needy. Totalling to 5,500 people.

885 food packs were given out to the poor and needy, each pack consisted of 5kg bag of rice, 1kg pack of sugar, coffee, tea,