Complaint handling is the process of receiving, investigating and responding to complaints from donors or other businesses. Complaints can be made in person, by phone, by email or through social media. Complaint handling is a critical part of customer service, as it allows businesses to address problems and resolve them in a timely and efficient manner. This policy should outline the steps that will be taken in response to a complaint, including investigation, resolution and follow-up.

We will promptly acknowledge receipt of complaints.
We will assess and prioritise complaints in accordance with the urgency and/or seriousness of the
issues raised. If a matter concerns an immediate risk to safety or security the response will be
immediate and will be escalated appropriately.
We are committed to managing people’s expectations, and will inform them as soon as possible,
of the following:
the complaints process
– the expected time frames for our actions
– the progress of the complaint and reasons for any delay
– their likely involvement in the process, and
– the possible or likely outcome of their complaint.

ou can make a Complaint in the following ways:

Via our online Complaints form
By phone: on 1300 998 444 (9am-5pm AEST/AEDT Monday-Friday)
Via email: at admin@alihsan.org.au
Via online chat: (9am-5pm AEST/AEDT Monday-Friday)
Via post: PO Box 791, Chester Hill, NSW 2162
In person: 176 Waldron Rd, Chester Hill NSW 2162

Anyone representing Al-Ihsan Foundation, both in a paid or volunteer capacity, can receive a Complaint.

All Complaints received will be directed to the Al-Ihsan Foundation Contact Centre and referred to the complaints team for handling.

Our Complaints Policy has been distributed to all Al-Ihsan Foundation, volunteers, partners, and all others acting on our behalf.

We take pride in our industry-leading response time and will do everything possible to resolve your complaint quickly. If 30 days go by without hearing from us, then we’ll inform you about what’s going on with the progress of your case regularly until it is resolved!

Complaints Form

We will advise people as soon as possible when we are unable to deal with any part of their complaint
and provide advice about where such issues and/or complaints may be directed (if known and

We will also advise people as soon as possible when we are unable to meet our time frames for
responding to their complaint and the reason for our delay.