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What is Fedyah – When a person cannot fast due to old age or are suffering from an illness which prevents them from fasting throughout the whole month, then they are not obliged to fast the month of Ramadan. Fedyah is paid by feeding one poor person for every day that was not fasted during Ramadan. The estimated cost of feeding one person is $10. Therefore, if someone missed 20 days of Ramadan (and is unable to make up those days due to sickness), then that person would need to pay: $10 x 20 = $200

What is Kaffarah – Kaffarah is paid to compensate for a wrong action. Kaffarah may be required when for example, someone breaks an oath or breaks their fast in Ramadan intentionally (without a valid reason such as travel or sickness). Kaffarah is worked out by way of the following: • A broken oath requires a person to fast 3 consecutive days or feed 10 people. • Breaking your fast in Ramadan intentionally requires a person to either fast 60 consecutive days or feed 60 people. The estimated cost to feed one person is $10.

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