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Qurban with Al-Ihsan Foundation

Al-Ihsan Foundation performs Qurban on behalf of the people of Australia with the express purpose to promote and uphold the practices of the beloved Prophet Ibrahim (عليه السلام), through which this tradition was founded. Qurban is one of the Islamic rituals which is prescribed in the book of Allah ﷻ and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ.

“And for every nation We have appointed religious ceremonies, that they may mention the Name of Allah over the livestock that He has provided for them…”

[Qur’an, 22:34]

Purchasing Qurban

When you purchase your Qurban (Udhya) through Al-Ihsan Foundation, you will be providing poverty-stricken and disadvantaged people with something to eat on the day of Eid.  Al-Ihsan Foundation distributes the sacrificed meat to troubled and deprived nations around the world.

We ask Allah ﷻ to accept your sacrifice and to reward you and your family in this life and the hereafter.

Refugees Qurban

Qurban Palestine