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Help build a water well around the world by donating towards this project

Our current well project is in Indonesia

One completed, reports and videos will be sent via whatapp.

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Al-Ihsan Foundation Charity Water Wells provide clean water to the community in Indonesia. The lack of access to clean water is a serious issue in Indonesia.

This is a major concern because of the lack of clean water reduces the level of hygiene in the communities and raises the chances of people contracting skin diseases or other waterborne diseases.
Drinking polluted water can make you extremely sick. Many of the rivers in Indonesia are contaminated so these well are essential to these people.

The Al-Ihsan Foundation wells are built around schools, musallah’s or masjids and provide clean water to those around that area.

All wells are provided with a report and also videos in which all content will be sent via WhatsApp messenger. Please make sure that your number provided with the receipt has Whatsapp messenger. If you require the report and videos to be sent via email, please contact us via the contact page.

For more information on our water wells, visit our water well information page.


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