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Health & medical support for the poor is an important project for the Al-Ihsan Foundation. The best of deeds is the one that helps ease or relieve the burden and/or pain of a fellow human being. There are a great number of people and communities around the world who are suffering.

These communities suffer things like epidemic diseases or have large numbers of people with disabilities, malnutrition, and suffer illnesses caused by lack of hygiene and more. These people cannot afford to pay for their hospital bills, medicines, wheelchairs, and any other medical necessities that we often take for granted.

The team at Al-Ihsan Foundation has seen the struggles of these people and recognise the urgency to assist them. That is why we intend on establishing services and facilities that will not only help them temporarily but on a long term basis.


18,800 Indonesian’s are currently shackled for mental health conditions. (Source)

57 countries worldwide have critical shortages of doctors, nurses, and midwives

A large body of evidence confirms that many people in the developing world go without health care from which they could benefit greatly. The poor in developing countries are even less likely than the better off to receive effective health care.

For more information on our Health & medical support for the poor, visit our information page.