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Al-Ihsan Foundation is seeking to establish a permanent community kitchen in Lebanon to feed the many hungry and needy people there. The goal is to establish and furnish the kitchen, as well as ensuring it is well stocked and maintained throughout the year. The endeavour will also provide work and income as we will need to hire a chef and a few staff members to help with the cooking and the distribution of food packages daily.

The cost of the endeavour will initially be $110,000. This will cover the costs of the following expenses:

  • Two ovens
  • Two fridges
  • A freezer
  • Blender
  • Fryer
  • Sink
  • Stove
  • One year’s rent
  • Chef
  • Kitchen staff
  • One year’s worth of food supplies and produce
  • One year’s worth of food containers and packaging

After the establishment of the kitchen and its first year running is complete, the years that follow will only cover the expense of maintaining the community kitchen. The cost of maintaining will be considerably lower than the cost of establishing the kitchen as the kitchen will be furnished and ready to use in the years that follow.