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Breaking the Fast of a Poor Person

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Breaking the Fast of a Poor Person in Ramadan is full of rewards. It’s the 9th month of the lunar calendar and it is the holy month where all Muslims observe the act of fasting from dawn to dusk. This month is a time of spiritual discipline and of deep contemplation of one’s relationship with Allah ﷻ. It is also a time of increased prayers, increased charity, and extra study of the Quran.

Sadly many people around the world have no issue fasting in the day but it is a meal in the evening to break their fast on that they do not have.

Throughout the month of Ramadan, Al-Ihsan Foundation works to provide poor and needy families with food packs to last the whole month of fasting. Each pack caters to specific dietary requirements within the country of distribution.

Al-Ihsan Foundation has distributed food packs in Indonesia, the Philippines, Turkey, Somalia, Syria, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Ethiopia, and the Rohingya refugees as well as Palestinian refugees residing in Lebanon.

For more information about our breaking the fast of a poor person, visit our information page.