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Poor and Needy Support

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Helping to support the poor and needy is an important project for Al-Ihsan Foundation. Most people in the world live in poverty. Two-thirds of the world population lives on less than USD $10per day. And every tenth person lives on less than USD$1.90 per day according to Our World Data Stats

Al-Ihsan Foundation has put together two packages that will be of great benefit. Both packages are $50 and include various items.

The food packages contain necessities such as bread, water, and pre-cooked meals that will be of great benefit to those who need it most.

The next package is the Clothing/Necessity Package. This contains items such as shoes, jumpers, blankets, pillows, and sanitary items, which will also be of great benefit to the needy.

For more information on our Support the Poor and Needy, visit our information page