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Winter Appeal

Help the Syrian this winter by donating towards this project

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The war in Syria is now approaching its 7th year. Seven years of terror, seven years of nightmares, seven years of pain and suffering- what can we do to help?
Approximately 4.8 million refugees have fled their homes seeking shelter and support in neighbouring lands. More than half have sought refuge in Turkey. Turkey is the largest host country currently with over 2.7 million Syrian refugees.The team at Al-Ihsan Foundation is going to Turkey to do all it can to provide the Syrian refugees (and any other needy person) with shelter and appropriate winter supplies to keep their bodies warm and stomachs satisfied this winter.

The path to true success has been described as steep by Allah: 
In Surat Al-Balad (90: 12-16), He (Almighty, All-Wise) says:
“And what will make you know the path that is steep (the path which leads to goodness and success)?
(It is) freeing a neck (a slave)
Or giving food on a day of hunger (famine)
To an orphan near of kin
Or to a Miskin (needy) cleaving to dust (out of misery)”
The path of others is somewhat steeper, as they are homeless, cold, hungry, heartbroken and lost. Their test is patience and endurance. Our test is luxury and wealth.

If 500 people were to give $200 each, we can reach our goal of $100,000 to purchase vital needs for the coming winter.
Please support us support them this winter, and help keep our brothers and sisters warm and content this winter