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08 May 2017

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East Africa Appeal

East Africa Appeal

The drought situation in Somalia has reached a devastating point. With a whopping 6.2 million people affected by famine. Of these, 363,000 suffering are malnourished children under the age of five, and 71,000 of those children are severely malnourished. The call for international intervention was made for the following critical requirements: Food packages, Drinking water, and Medical convoys.

The Somalian cry for international aid and support was heard by Al-Ihsan Foundation and by the will of Allah it was instantly answered.
In May 2017 the team at Al-Ihsan Foundation embarked on a trip to poverty-stricken and drought-afflicted Somalia. One of the most eye-opening experiences the team has ever encountered. Almost half of the population is affected by famine and despair.

We visited ten poverty-stricken and drought-affected areas and by the will of Allah, we were able to reach and touch the lives of about 28, 590 people. We delivered 159 tons of flour, rice, sugar, and oil to over 3,620 families struggling to feed themselves and their children.

The team was shocked when they encountered thousands upon thousands of dead animal remains on the roads while travelling to some areas severely affected by the drought. They were also taken aback when they saw the conditions in which many of the internally displaced families lived in. Housed in tents made of plastic bags and flattened second-hand tins, with up to 8 people cramped up in one tent, under the scorching heat, with very little food and water. Indeed, these people struggle to survive and keep their families safe on a daily basis. A most memorable and rewarding trip.

We thank first and foremost, Allah for allowing us to meet with such kind and humble people and we thank all our generous sponsors and supporters for their unfailing generosity.

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