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Eid Gifts

eid gifts for orphans

Eid Gifts Donation for Orphans – Putting a smile on the face of someone is always rewarding.  Nevermore so than when that someone is a needy child on Eid.

Eid should be a time of celebration and joy for everyone. Giving and receiving gifts makes the Eid celebration more enjoyable especially for children. Every child has the right to celebrate and enjoy Eid. Unfortunately, however, not every child does.

There are millions of Muslim children around the world that are denied that feeling of joy, which we all feel on Eid. Either because they have no family to celebrate it with (they are orphaned), they have not the financial means to celebrate it or they are physically unable to go out and celebrate Eid with everyone else.

What you can do

You can help put a smile on the face of an innocent child and give them a gift on Eid.  Let them feel loved despite being orphaned, happy despite being displaced and full of cheerful energy despite being physically deprived.

What we do

Al-Ihsan Foundation has decided to put a smile on the face of every deprived child every Eid. Their smiles are very few.

The team at Al-Ihsan visit these children personally and gift each and every child something suitable and something that will make him/her smile on a day where every Muslim deserves to smile.  

Donate to Al-Ihsan and give them happiness on the day of Eid.