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01 October 2016

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Food Packs for Orphans in Indonesia

Food Packs for Orphans in Indonesia

Feeding the Orphans

Food packs were delivered to two orphanages in a village called Darawolong. A total of 70 food packs were donated to these orphanages who together house 100 orphans. Following this, we delivered an additional 25 food packs to an orphanage with 60 orphans in a village called Cengkong. The final village we visited was Jahar Warung Bambu where 46 food packs were delivered to 50 orphans. In sum, a total of 288 hungry orphans have been fed. May Allah bless all our efforts and reward our generous supporters.

If you would like to donate towards the Al-Ihsan Orphans, visit our support the orphan’s page.