Fundraise with Us

Fundraise with Us

When a loved one passes away it can be very difficult on those left behind. We are often left with a sense of loss and anxiety that we could have done more while they were still alive. However, its not too late to do something for them now. 

Al-Ihsan Foundation invites you to do so much good in the name of a deceased loved one. You can still do them good even if they’ve been gone for many years. Join the Al-Ihsan Foundation fund-raising event and help us raise funds to aid the neediest around the world. Do this in the name of a loved one to ensure that they are still receiving good deeds even after they’ve passed. 

Register to this event by filling in the form below and pressing submit. 

Once approved, your personal fundraising page will be set up. A link to your personal page will be sent to you. This link can be shared with family and friends who also wish to participate.

 You can choose the campaigns and/or projects you would like to support.

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