Indonesian Disabled Appeal Trip Report

In late October Al-Ihsan Foundation’s dedicated team undertook a trip to Indonesia with the intent of assisting those Indonesians in the Karawang district requiring special aids due to their disability as this trip was the first of many trips yet to come by the team behind Al-Ihsan Foundation.

By the grace of Allah and with the generous support of both local and international community this trip was successful as Al-Ihsan Foundation was able to provide assistance to those who due to their inability did not have access to such equipment.

Al-Ihsan Foundation was able to distribute over 180 special aids items (including wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks and etc.)

As the journey ahead although difficult but yet rewarding and this is the determination
Al-Ihsan Foundation moves forward with as our goals and ambitions are to have many more continuous future projects assisting those who are struggling and have given up hope.

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