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13 October 2018

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Indonesian Tsunami Palu Visit

Indonesian Tsunami Palu Visit

The team from Al-Ihsan Foundation provided relief in the area of Palu along the coastline in Indonesia. The Coastal line showed to have more damage caused by the tsunami than the earthquake. However the more inland you travel you find more damage was caused by the earthquake.  There are streets of the main areas of the CBD that have been completely demolished by the earthquake, these buildings indicate the only way to resolve is to demolish the existing infrastructure and rebuild. Some neighbourhoods have been so damaged by the earthquake that is now inaccessible due to the roads and surrounding area being either swallowed toppled upon. 

Al-Ihsan Foundation provided 500 families with:

  • 500 x 10kg Premium Rice
  • 500 x 1Kg Sugar
  • 1000 x 1Lt Oil (2 per family)
  • 500 x Tray of Eggs (30 items per Tray)

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