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Lebanon Emergency Appeal

Lebanon Emergency Appeal

Lebanon Emergency Appeal –

Beirut, Lebanon has had 2 huge explosions on Tuesday 4th August 2020 which killed over 130 people and injured around 5,000 people.

It is estimated that over 300,000 lives have been directly affected by the explosion and the number will only continue to increase as rescuers continue to search for victims who remain trapped under rubble.

In addition, hospitals and medical centres, several of which were damaged in the blast, have been inundated with patients. Medical teams are forced to triage patients in car parks.

Al-Ihsan Foundation commenced its Lebanon Emergency appeal over 4 weeks ago due to the worsening of the economy and the impact of the COVID-19 to the poor and the needy.

In light of the recent developments in Beirut, Al-Ihsan Foundation has increased its efforts by providing Emergency relief and assistance. In the coming days, our team on the ground will be providing emergency food packs, cooked meals for medical staff and workers, clean water, and shelter assistance.

How can you help?

Lebanon needs our help and support. To get involved, you can donate to Al-Ihsan Foundation Lebanon emergency appeal.
You can donate to the Al-Ihsan Foundation Lebanon Emergency Appeal, by donating to the following link

For more information on our emergency appeals visit our emergency appeal information page