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10 March 2019

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Lebanon Winter Appeal

Lebanon Winter Appeal

The Al-Ihsan Foundation team travelled to Lebanon to help keep the refugees warm in the harsh winter season. Al-Ihsan Foundation provided clothing to 1080 children to keep them warm in the cold climate.
The winter outfits consist of 5 pieces:
• Warm winter pyjama pants
• Warm winter pyjama jumper
• Warm winter tracksuit pants
• Warm winter tracksuit jumper (with hoody)
• Thick winter jacket (with hoody).
Al-Ihsan Foundation also provided medical needs to Imad and Ma’moon such as gauze swabs, sterile bags, Foley catheters, sodium chloride, fixing rolls, antiseptic, disinfectant and more.

To donate towards the winter appeal campaign, please visit the winter campaign donation page.