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15 June 2019

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New Zealand Sadaqah Project

New Zealand Sadaqah Project

On Friday the 15th of March, a heart-wrenching crime was committed. An attack took place at Linwood Islamic centre and Al-Noor mosque in New Zealand. 51 people were killed and 49 were injured and it was described as one of New Zealand’s darkest days.

Al-Ihsan Foundation established a sadaqah jaariyah which is a continuously rewarding charity for the victims of the Christchurch attack.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, when a person dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things:

1. Sadaqah Jaariyah or ongoing charity.
2. Beneficial knowledge that was taught.
3. A righteous child who prays for him.

The funds that were raised by the Al-Ihsan Foundation on behalf of the victims of the Christchurch attack went towards the completion of furnishings for an orphanage for Syrian children in Turkey. In appreciation of the victims and their families, Al-Ihsan Foundation would like to extend its gratitude and thanks to its donors and supporters.

To donate towards the Al-Ihsan Foundation orphans, please donate to our support our orphan’s donation page.