Batu Koneng Orphanage

Shortly after arriving at Indonesia, we were told of an orphanage in need of financial support. We visited this orphanage which housed 35 orphans and 4 caretakers, located in Batu Koneng.

The condition of the orphanage is hardly acceptable. The orphanage is too small to adequately house 39 people. The boys and girls are mixed into one area and share facilities.

Further, the orphanage is in need of a water well, water pump and power generator. The orphans and care takers have no access to clean water and therefore are using polluted water that runs through a poorly established filtration system. The area where the orphanage is situated is full of mosquitoes and is very unhygienic.

Thanks to the mercy and blessings of Allah and our generous supporters we managed to raise funds enough to pay for all their expenditure for an entire year. The money raised will keep the orphanage running for a year and will be used on things such as food, clothing, bedding, electricity etc.

Al-Ihsan foundation want to do more for these orphans. We are currently seeking to purchase land to build on. Al-Ihsan plans to build an orphanage that will be spacious enough to house many orphans and their care takers. Complete with clean water, electricity and segregated areas and facilities for boys and girls.