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20 September 2016

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Orphanage and Syrian Orphan Sponsor Project

Orphanage and Syrian Orphan Sponsor Project

Our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was an orphan and encouraged us to look after orphans.

The Prophet Muhammed ﷺ said: “The best house among Muslims is the one in which an orphan is treated well. The worst house among the Muslims is the one in which an orphan is mistreated. The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be in Paradise like this”, and he held his two fingers together.

Reported by Abu Huraira (Bukhari)

All praise and thanks belong to Allah and the generous donations of the public.

In April 2016 the Al Ihsan team returned back to Turkey to revisit the orphanage in Gaziantep which is located in the South-Eastern part of Turkey. We were then informed that some orphans and widows were about to be evicted from their place of residence as they were unable to make their rental payments. So the team at Al-Ihsan quickly got to work and paid their rent for a whole year. Thus saving the orphans and widows from falling onto the streets. Additionally, we managed to have some of the orphans sponsored and plan on launching orphan sponsorship very soon.

In’ sha’ Allah, our next project is to purchase for the orphans and widows a building. This will help eliminate the concern of rental payments and further eviction notices. Such an orphanage will provide orphans and widows with daily necessities such as food, clean water, essential furnishings, cleaning equipment etc. The orphanage will also have an in-house professional doctor and dentist.

Additionally, this place will also serve as a head office for Al Ihsan Foundation Ltd Turkey, to help further our work and efficiency there In’ sha’ Allah.

To support the Al-Ihsan Foundation orphans, please donate to the orphan’s page.