Orphanage in Rompin, Pahang / Malaysia

The next orphanage we visited was located in Rompin in the state of Pahang. This orphanage houses 24 children (15 boys and 9 girls). The children consist of both orphans and non-orphans from very poor families who cannot afford to feed them. The poverty level is very high in this area and even direct family members such as uncles and aunts are also unable to look after these children.

The founder of the orphanage previously worked for a Zakat organization. He left his job to open up the orphanage because while he was working with the organization, many queries were raised from the local community about the need to establish and maintain an orphanage for all the needy children. The orphanage has been running for 17 months now and would really like to maintain it and keep it running as there is a need for it in the area.

There is a need for an expansion of the orphanage (or at least the establishment of a second orphanage). An expansion or second orphanage would help house another 300 orphans who are currently waiting to be housed at this orphanage.

All funds for the orphanage are from locals. As for food donations, they only receive rice. Thus the orphanage tries its best to cater and supply the growing children with other healthy dietary requirements.

Thus, the Al-Ihsan Foundation decided to help this community. We intend on purchasing a premise in that area to house and support the remaining (and any new) orphans who are without appropriate accommodation and adequate care.

While visiting this orphanage, our hearts went out to all the children. Their spirits were lifted and their problems seemed temporarily forgotten as they enjoyed playing sports and games with us.

Orphans and children of poverty often forget what it is to be a child. Their burdens and struggles overwhelm them and their childhood is snatched away too soon. We should join together and help orphans and troubled children all over the world. So that they can remember what it is to be a child and embrace it. This can simply be achieved by easing their burdens and aiding them in life.

To donate towards the Al-Ihsan Orphans, visit our support the orphan’s page.