Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited has always been committed to protecting your privacy. All information provided to us will remain confidential and protected in accordance to legislation.

Personal information will be used as outlined below.

What information do we collect?

Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited asks for information required for the stated purpose on our website and social medical platforms for the administration of that donation or subscription which you have nominated. Mandatory general information fields include full name, contact number email address and donation amount. Subscriptions would also ask and require the same standard personal information.

We collect and store your bank account details strictly for the purpose of direct debit donations or donations via electronic fund transfers (EFT). Any other information you provide is by your discretion.  

Al -Ihsan Foundation International Limited does not store your card details. Card details are safeguarded by a secure connection with an encryption system and are not revealed for your protection.

For the purpose of sponsoring an orphan we will require your information to conduct a National Police Check and a Working with Children Check.

How we collect your information

Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited needs your information in order to keep providing you with services, assistance and communications, and in order to achieve this, we need to collect information from you.

Information requested and provided to us will be by means of:

  • Phone call enquiries or donations
  • Attending our office
  • Contacting us through our website or social media
  • Submitting an online donation form
  • Fundraising events
  • Making a pledge
  • Subscriptions and authorisations
  • Donation information submitted at an Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited stall

Why we ask for information

Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited prefers to keep regular contact with its donors, build trust and relationships with donors and sponsors. Any information provided by you will also assist Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited with maintaining and improving our relationship and communications with you, and to further develop our programs and campaigns.  

If you give us your email address, or other personal information by subscribing to one of our mailing lists, or registering for information, it will be used to send you information only on the subject area you have chosen. For your privacy, we will not subscribe you to additional lists, nor give your address to any third party, without your approval.

We may note your communications with us for training purposes or dispute resolution or to assist you in the most effective way.

Information requested and provided is strictly for the purpose of assisting us with:

  • Verifying your identity;
  • Updating your details;
  • Processing donations, sponsorships, pledges, subscriptions and fundraising;
  • Ensuring any donations and sponsorships are delivered in accordance to your nominations (if applicable) and our campaign procedures and policies;
  • Communications with sponsored persons.
  • Any enquiries or contacting us;
  • Issuing receipts, statements and certificates;
  • National Police Check and Working with Children Check;
  • Maintaining accurate details of our supporters’ history;
  • Keeping our supporters informed and updated of our work;
  • Assist in the development of our marketing and promotional activities;

You may at any time request to have your information preferences changed.

Using and disclosing your personal information cross-border

Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited has many programs, campaigns, partners and offices internationally. This correlates with our campaigns, donations and sponsorships.

We shall firstly explain the process of service and obtain your written consent prior to any personal information required to be provided to an overseas recipient for the purpose of providing the service you have nominated.

We may share part of your information with Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited’s global offices and affiliates. Your name, nominated name of donor, you contact number (in some programs) and possibly your email address will be provided to the office managers or service providers in the country where you have donated, paid for a construction of a shallow water well / deep water well, paid for a construction of a Masjid, or where your sponsored orphan lives so that they can write to you. This information is sent to and accessed only by the manager or service provider of Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited in the relevant country.

This does not alter or affect our commitment to safeguarding your privacy. Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited has to abide by legislation, policies and procedures, of which are provided to overseas affiliates and external service providers to be adequate in safeguarding your personal information. Our external service providers are required to handle your personal information lawfully, carefully, and in accordance with our policies.

The countries and territories in which we use, disclose and/or store supporter data are:

  • Malaysia;
  • Indonesia;
  • Lebanon;
  • Niger;
  • Ethiopia;
  • Turkey;
  • Sri Lanka

Information safety

In some areas of the website, links to other sites such as sponsors can be found. These sites are not controlled by Al-Ihsan Foundation and therefore we cannot take responsibility for their content, claims of offer or privacy practices.

Our website has enabled secure response forms to keep your personal and payment card details safe.  Your browser shall advise you whether the information you are sending is encrypted or not secure by notifying you of a safety certificate for the website.

Payment options for our online donations include PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay or Apple Pay. The information you supply will be linked to our website by your third-party payment option. However, no data from your third-party payment site will be stored on our website, and your card payment details are not revealed or stored on our website. 

Staff at Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited are obliged and expected to keep personal and payment card information confidential and secure.

Please note that whilst we endeavour to protect your privacy through legislation and policies, no data provided over the Internet can come with a guarantee to risk free or totally secure and therefore we cannot warrant the security of information you provide online to Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited.

Protection of young people

Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited is very keen and diligent in safeguarding young people.

Generally, if you are 18 or over, we will usually assume that you can make your own privacy decisions. However, if you are under 18, or do not have the mental capacity fit for making your own decisions, we shall confirm your decision with a parent or legal guardian.

We also expect you be cautious of and be delicate with the images of children from our website and other social media. Please respect and uphold the trust of the consent given by parents, guardians or community leaders by not copying, sharing or misusing these images.

Please refer to our online Safeguarding Policy.

Policies & legal obligations

In viewing our website and social media or in participating in any donations or any programs associated with Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited you have agreed to our Safeguarding Policy, Privacy Policy and Data Deletion Policy.

Any policies which are published on our website are subject to change from time to time without notice. Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited has, in the clause, provided you with sufficient notice of variation, and that you have accepted these terms.

You understand that by giving us consent to disclose your information overseas, you may not be able to apply for reparation in the overseas jurisdiction if the overseas recipient handles information in breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and against our policies. This consent does not reduce our responsibilities and obligation to safeguard your privacy but it may waive our legal liability for any breaches of the Australian Privacy Principles by such overseas recipient.

Whilst we have legislation, policies and procedures to safeguard your personal information, we cannot exclude disclosing your information only if and when served with a Court Order.

Data Deletion Policy

Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited believes in respecting your right to remove your information from our online database.

You have the option and may remove your information by submitting your details into our Data Deletion Policy request and your acceptance to the policies.

You shall receive a confirmation of your identity email from Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited to confirm your option to delete your online data.

Giving you control

Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited will provide you with the flexibility of viewing and accessing your partial information through your login on our website or Apple/ Android application.

If you would like to know what information we hold about you or if you wish to correct or amend any personal information, please address our Complaints Officer at Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited who will address your concerns promptly and rectify your concerns.

When contacting us, please include the following information:

  • Full Name, telephone number, address and email address

Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited can be contacted by:
• Phone: +61 (02) 8766 0214
• Email:  adannoun@alihsan.org.au
• Mail us at:

Al-Ihsan Foundation International Limited

PO Box 791

Chester Hill NSW 2162