Ramadan Food Pack Distributions

 Ramadan food pack distributionsRamadan food pack distributionsRamadan food pack distributions

For Ramadan, food packs were provided to a number of countries. In Lebanon, 10,000 beneficiaries received food packs and they included Lebanese poor and needy, Syrian refuges and Palestinians also suffering from poverty.

In Indonesia 1000 families received food packs for Ramadan as well as 413 families in Malaysia. 900 families in Ethiopia received food packs and in Syria, 10,000 beneficiaries were able to enjoy meals throughout the whole month.

On average a total of 473,577 servings were provided throughout Ramadan. A total of 53,277 servings in Malaysia, 58,500 servings in Indonesia, 10,800 servings in Turkey, 30,000 servings in Lebanon, 180,000 servings in Syria and 141,000 servings in Ethiopia.

As well as food packs, Al-Ihsan also provided hot meals in three kitchens in Syria for a total average of 1300 people being fed on a daily basis.

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