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26 March 2017

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Special Needs School in Indonedia

Special Needs School in Indonedia

On 26 March 2017 Al-Ihsan Foundation travelled to Indonesia to sponsor and support a number of orphanages and special needs schools.

AMANDA is a special needs school in Indonesia. The school, which has 26 special needs students, approached Al-Ihsan Foundation for financial assistance to help keep the school running in 2017. Al-Ihsan Foundation has since been sponsoring the school and its students for the past 7 months. Sponsorship is ongoing In’Sha’Allah.

While in Indonesia, the team at Al-Ihsan Foundation also visited some orphanages that were struggling to support the orphans and maintain the orphanage. One of the orphanages housing 35 orphans were sponsored and another orphanage/boarding school housing 82 orphans requested assistance with the production and distribution of 2 sets of uniforms: school uniforms and scout uniforms. Al-Ihsan foundation is currently in the process of having the uniforms ready for the orphans/students by August.

Also in Indonesia, we discovered that the Al-Ihsan foundation ambulance has been a huge success. The ambulance has not only been transporting patients to and from hospitals but has also been used to provide aid to the flooded communities in Karawang and surrounding areas, it also travelled to many schools and communities to provide hygiene and first aid awareness to many of the people and it has been used as a standby vehicle in times of unease such as the Indonesian protests.

Al-Ihsan Foundation would like to thank Allah and all our sponsors and supporters.

If you would like to donate towards the special needs children, please donate towards the special needs school information page.