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24 July 2019

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Students with Special Needs School

Students with Special Needs School

Special needs schools support students with an intellectual disability, mental health disorder or physical disability as well as students with learning difficulties or behaviour disorders.

These schools make important contributions to addressing educational disadvantages by catering for students with severe social, emotional and behavioral issues. Special needs schools generally serve young people who are emotionally detached from education and whose needs are not met by mainstream education curriculums.

Al-Ihsan Foundation helps look after the needs and care of children with special needs in Indonesia. They are educated on social improvement and integration as well as taking part in character building exercises to help raise their confidence so they do not feel isolated. They take part in daily physical activities to keep them healthy and are also taught to use their creative skills to express themselves.

Al-Ihsan Foundation strives to allow children and students who require alternative education settings, the same opportunities as students in mainstream schools. This is done by developing programs and structures designed to help reengage students in education and prepare them for further training and employment in the future.

To support the special needs schools, please donate to our health & medical donation page.