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29 March 2016

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Tropical Cyclone Winston Report

Tropical Cyclone Winston Report

The strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall over Fiji was Tropical Cyclone Winston, while sustaining winds of 230km/h with a pressure of 915hPa; Cyclone Winston reached Fiji as a category 5 with vicious force.

Although numerous shelters were opened and a nationwide curfew was instigated, Winston killed 44 people and inflicted extensive damage to many islands. An estimated 55,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. Approximately 350,000 people (40 percent of the nation’s population), 120,000 of them children were severely affected by the storm. In the following weeks, a coalition of international support brought aid and supplies to residents in Fiji; and Al-Ihsan was amongst them.

Al-Ihsan Foundation travelled to Fiji from the 14 March to the 22 March 2016. Al-Ihsan purchased and distributed relief supplies to many of the affected communities by Cyclone Winston. The relief supplies consisted of flour, rice, sugar, milk powder, noodles tuna as well as laundry powder, tea and more.
The communities visited were all in drastic need of aid and Al-Ihsan made no distinction between religious beliefs (that is rations were distributed to Native Fijians/ Fiji Indians of Christian, Muslim, Hindu faith etc) and those families/ individuals affected by the Cyclone and those who weren’t. Al-Ihsan distributed rations to anyone and everyone that was in need.

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