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16 November 2016

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TV & DVD for an Orphanage in Indonesia

TV & DVD for an Orphanage in Indonesia

Al Ihsan Foundation Indonesia (Yayasan Amal Al Ihsan Indonesia) purchased a TV and a DVD which will be used for Islamic educational programs to help educate the children in an orphanage about their religion, hoping to bring about a generation of youth with sound Islamic knowledge.

This orphanage houses approximately 114 children who are either orphans or placed there by parents who cannot afford to care for them. The orphanage (located in the village of Kami Jaya in Cikampek/Karawang), is managing well but needed support in delivering Islamic knowledge, so Al-Ihsan provided them with equipment that will InshaAllah help them teach and learn about Islam.

May Allah bless and reward all our supporters.

To donate towards orphans visit our sponsor an orphan page.