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Volunteer Positions


Al-Ihsan Foundation is currently seeking volunteers for assistance during the month of Ramadan to carry out vital projects to countries and communities of most need. With the arrival of Ramadan 2021 only weeks away, Ramadan  is looking all set for a busy and highly productive month in terms of relief and aid work, especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic which has impacted on the poor and the needy even more. A volunteer position for our Chester Hill office has become available, during the hours of 9am to 4pm during the month of Ramadan at various shopping centres.

This Ramadan is a great opportunity to get involved with some volunteer work and give something back to the poor and the needy, so make the most of this blessed month with Al-Ihsan Foundation.  As a volunteer for Al-Ihsan Foundation, you will be responsible for assisting in charity work, feeding the poor and the needy and assisting in donations from Muslims fulfil their obligations of zakat and Sadaqah.

Key responsibilities include:

Acting as an ambassador for Al-Ihsan Foundation.

Encouraging and mobilising the community to get involved during the month of Ramadan.

Making and answering calls to take donations and respond to queries during stalls and shop fronts

General office administrative tasks.

Ensuring all calls are correctly dealt with and logged.

Actively raise much needed funds to alleviate poverty and empower families worldwide.

Events, planning and promoting upcoming events, set-up and execution

Fundraising: donations, collections, stalls, helping at fundraising events and much more

If you live locally in Sydney and want to make a contribution, visit our Chester Hill office and sign up for volunteer work or complete the link below: